There is huge rancour going on in the cricket fraternity with regards to whether the spirit of the game should precede over the ethicality of the sport.

In the wake of the recent IPL mankading incident between the Kings XI and RR, it sparked a furore amid fans of the sport. In the midst of all the happenings, cricket analysists set out probing questions that brought under scrutiny the whole fiasco of “spirit of the game vs cricket laws”.

The debate can go on endless especially when cricket is an emotion for millions. Going by the rule books, nothing has been breached, everything was within the precinct of the law. So, why the clamour from fans is the question some put forward.

This is not the first time that Ashwin employed this ploy to mankad the batman. In the 2012 CB series against Sri Lanka, Aswhin had run out Lahiru Thirimanne and when the appeal was brought forward, there was a prolonged discussion between Ashwin and the then captain of India, Sehwag. The appeal was later called off.

As sport professionals, true sportsmanship is emanated when one adheres by the law, and cricket fanatics must remember that emotions can dampen the true essence of the game. If emotions were to be taken into face value, then a whole range of incidents should be brought to the table and settled.