Do we really need on-field umpires?

Run outs – Check

Fielding – Check

No Ball – Check

LBW – Check

Clean Catches – Check

Referrals are taken for almost everything. After no ball controversies in the IPL, questions were arisen over the poor umpiring by the on field umpires, which may have cost teams very dearly. Umpires have just become dummies who indicate the obvious, and the tradition of umpiring is found in the roots of the sport, when technological advancements were fanciful daydreams. Now, when there is no scope for error due to the technology that prevails in the sport, such inaccuracies are atrocious for cricket. If such problems occur in a final, the wrath of the supporters and the players of the team suffering as the victim of poor decision-making would be inescapable.

The third umpire makes the most important decisions, and that is prominent in every match we see. He would be well capable of enforcing the laws of the game too. This is a new era, and that is where the boards need to realise that having so many personnel to only display the conspicuous happenings might be tagged as “useless”.