Sledging can be harmless, personal or rude, and the level of offence a player takes it too needs some limits.

Negative or positive for the sport of cricket?

That one has mixed reviews.

While the most historic sledges have been outrageously funny, others have been downright unnecessary and decoding why this started can take a heavy hit on the spirit of the game that is so often talked about.

Aggressive celebrations have also been taken on too harshly by the umpires at various times, resulting in heavy penalties and bans. Mostly, there is sledging during test matches or matches where a small turnover in the game changes the fate of the match.

The worst thing about sledging though, apart from its intention of getting your side to an advantage, is that sometimes bitterness that results from the exchanges can lead to fights on the field, which may get very, very nasty.

As tournaments like the IPL have seen incidents of mankade take place, a question has arisen on the direction the sport was moving into.

Sledging also, isn’t wrong, however, the stump mics have given us only but a glimpse of the words exchanged so often, which may be negative too and taking the essence of the game into consideration, sledging might prove to be a sad part to a happening game.

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Is sledging good for the sport?