There is no wondering why people in India are so emotionally attached to the sport of cricket. Why? The answer is simple.

Cricket runs in the veins of Indians, as children here learn to grow and live with cricket.

There is no day which passes without the occasional breaking of the window glass, or the dreaded decision of the victim who had to go retrieve the ball.

Gully Cricket is no doubt the rawest part of the sport, ironically being the place from where the most polished talents emerge. Gully Cricket might just be an irritating cause for the people who had to pay for their broken panes, but it is them only who dash to switch on their TV sets when a cricket match starts in play.

India lies in its roots, in its streets, in its gullies. That’s where the raw taste of talent comes through, playing in rough roads, but soon, being the ones playing under the spotlight for their proud nation, reaching there through their hardcore determination and passion, something that gets them chiselled constantly, finally to present their country with a prized possession, reaching from the streets to the Sky.