The curtains have closed, the lights dimmed, the fields emptied, the end of another season of the IPL.

The final was a glamorous affair, and got us all on the edge of our seats with the doctors on speed dial, as it has been the case throughout the season. 

Though one team failed to get its hands on the coveted trophy, we all knew that all in all, it was cricket that won in that match.

With a combination of some mathematics, we saw 2013, 2015, 2017 and now 2019 belonging to the team in blue, and the terrific scenes after the finals, of jubilation and disappointment, flashing simultaneously made you want to feel for CSK, while also wanting to jump in the air for MI. 

It was the man named Malinga who sealed it for the blues, as a lovely last delivery to redeem himself yielded in an LBW, crushing yellow under the seas of blue.

As the acting president of the BCCI handed over the trophy to the winners and got them covered in graffiti, we couldn’t help but take in all the exhilarating moments this IPL gave us. 

We saw disappointing umpire howlers, thoroughly entertaining celebrations (yes, our favourite was Imran Tahir), last ball thrillers, excellent knocks, mind–baffling wickets, super– overs…. 

Oh Dear!!

All that crammed in one tournament, spanning over two months. 

Well, that’s what makes us wait for it every year. 

That’s why we, the fans, make this IPL The ‘Incredible’ Premier League.