As Indians went into a frenzy after their convincing win over Australia, a warm gesture by the Captain earned him praise from all over the world.

During the first innings, when Virat was at the crease, Steve Smith had been sent to field at the boundary. However, a particular section of Indian fans near where he stood started booing him, and chants of ‘cheater, cheater’ began to be thrown at the Aussie.

In disbelief of what he saw, Virat Kohli took matters in his own hands and told the people not to boo him, rather applaud him. When the time came for drinks, Steve Smith acknowledged the gesture by going over to him, and this made us wonder how sportsmanship is so alive in this sport of cricket.

India vs Australia has always been a heated affair, and even though team players have had arguments on the field, it is great to see how a player supported the other when he was being subjected to something not very pleasant.

A number of jabs are thrown at players, and it truly is remarkable when a fellow player, from the opposition no less, stands by their side in matters disturbing the spirit of cricket. Well, that is the spirit we so often talk about.